Vertex Intelligent Fleet Management Solution

Vehicle Tracking

• Fast and responsive vehicle tracking experience
• Tracking mobile apps in both Android & iOS
• Real time vehicle movement on map
• Live speed, distance travelled, engine hours etc.
• Engine idling monitoring
• Over speeding monitoring
• History track view and playback for diagnostics
• Comprehensive reporting module
• Scheduled delivery of reports by email
• Map options of Street, Satellite & Hybrid
• Traffic layer can be enabled on map
• Route planning option available
• Alerts based on various conditions
• Geofencing based alerts and reports
• Push notifications on mobile apps

Fleet Management

• Additional hardware required
• Overall view of the fleet in reports
• Fleet utilization analysis
• Fleet productivity analysis
• Driver database management
• Driver association management
• Driver based reporting
• Driver behaviour analysis
• Driver ranking based on safe driving
• Customizable safe driving profiles
• Fuel consumption monitoring
• Fuel monitoring
• RFID based passenger monitoring
• Trailer management

Driver Management

• RFID or iButton based driver identification
• Driver details like mobile number, photo etc.
• Manual or automatic driver-vehicle association
• Associated driver appears in all vehicle reports
• Driver based reports on the whole fleet
• Driver grouping possible
• Safe driving analysis on drivers
• Exception reports on over speeding, idling etc.
• Customizable eco driving profiles
• Driver names in vehicle alerts
• Driver working hours report

Additional hardware required:
iButton per driver, iButton Reader per vehicle
RFID card per driver, RFID Reader per vehicle

Passenger Management

• RFID based identity cards
• Passenger entry exit alerts
• RFID readers in vehicle
• Passengers to tap the card on the reader
• Passenger database management
• Passenger photo and other details
• Passenger based reports
• Passenger entry exit times on screen
• Passenger grouping possible
• Passengers can be displayed on the map
• Trapped passenger alert
• Transportation related project-wise costing module*

Additional hardware required:
RFID card per passenger, RFID Reader per vehicle

*To be developed after freezing requirements

Trailer Management

• Any mechanism attached to a vehicle is a trailer
• Rugged RFID based trailer identification
• Trailer details like mobile number, photo etc.
• Manual or automatic trailer-vehicle association
• Associated trailer appears in all vehicle reports
• Trailer grouping possible
• Trailer location based on associated vehicle
• Last known position of trailer before it is detached

Additional hardware required:
RFID Tag per trailer, RFID Reader per trailer head

Eco Driving

• Assessment of the driving quality
• Driving quality infuences cargo condition
• Also influences technical condition
• Evaluate how driver treats a vehicle
• Improve safety of driving
• Prolong life of vehicles in the fleet
• Reduce wear and tear
• Reduce expensive break down repairs
• Reduce fuel costs
• Ensure safety of the cargo
• Customizable eco driving presets
• Penalty system for safety violations
• Driver ranking based on penalty scores

Additional hardware required:
Device with a good and configurable accelerometer

Temperature Monitoring

• Useful for food and perishable cargo movement
• Live temperature updates
• Temperature Logs by email
• High temperature alerts
• Door opening alerts
• Alert based report available
• Temperature Reports
• Alerts on mobile app as push notification
• Scheduled delivery of reports by email
• Alerts based on various conditions

Additional hardware required:
1-Wire temperature sensor

EIA485 temperature sensor

Fuel Monitoring

• Fuel Level Sensor based precision monitoring
• Non-intrusive CANBUS based fuel monitoring
• OBD port adaptor for compatible vehicles
• Fuel consumption report
• Fuel level report
• Fuel level based theft and filling reports
• Real time fuel theft alert with location
• Fuel level v/s Time chart for easy analysis

Additional hardware required:
Fuel Level Sensor
CAN adaptor
CANBUS enabled device

Additional Hardware

(Required for fleet management modules described above)



Used for driver identification. iButton is a patented RFID tag which can be attached to a key chain and carried easily by the drivers. Each driver will carry an iButton which has a unique ID assigned to him. When he drives, he attaches the iButton to the iButton reader fixed on the vehicle dashboard. The driver is then bound to the vehicle and his name will appear in all reports and notifications pertaining to that vehicle.



RFID cards are generally used for passenger identification where a large number of passengers can be issued with cards and they are free to travel in any of the vehicles in the fleet. Whenever a passenger boards, he can tap his card on the reader to register his entry. The time of entry and the vehicle in which he is travelling can all be used in respective reports and notifications. RFID cards can also be used for driver identification.


Trailer ID

The dashboard mounted RFID reader is not suitable for trailer identification. For this a heavy duty, rugged RFID reader and RFID tag combination is used. The RFID reader, which is an active and powered device is placed in the trailer head and a passive RFID tag is placed on the trailer. This is attached to the trailer with a length of cable so that it can be extended up to the trailer head and placed on the magnetic base of the reader. 



A device with a good and configurable accelerometer is essential for measuring the driving behaviour of drivers. Although many device manufacturers boast of having an accelerometer, the performance and consistency of these basic devices are not sufficient to produce an accurate driving behavior analysis or ranking. A device with a good and configurable accelerometer will cost slightly more than a basic device.


1-Wire TS

1-Wire Temperature sensors are used with tracking devices to log the temperature of the cargo compartment in case of refrigerated cargo transportation. 1-Wire temperatures are affordable and usually comes with a 0.1 degrees resolution which is sufficient for most monitoring requirements. The cold room construction and power supply availability etc can restrict its implementation due to the limitation of the total network length of the 1-Wire protocol.



These are high precision digital sensors which can provide resolutions upto 0.01 degrees and is therefore more suitable in industries such as Pharmaceuticals where the temperature requirements are more stringent. The protocol allows for a longer cabling length and this can help in situations where the cold room is situated a long way from the control panel. Also multiple sensors can be combined to provide and average temperature of the cold room.


CAN bus Adaptor

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other without a host computer. Although designed for internal use, the data can be read by tapping into the network. Different vehicle manufacturers use different vehicle bus and standards. Using adaptors which can read these protocols fuel level of the vehicle tank can be obtained. 


CAN bus Tracker

Certain tracking devices are able to resolve the protocols of some vehicle types and these trackers can be directly connected to the the CAN bus or the OBD-II diagnostic port of the vehicle to read the fuel level of the vehicle tank. But this is possible only in the case of a few supported vehicles. Fuel level readings obtained through CAN bus or OBD are inherently with an error due to low sensitivity of the inbuilt sensor of the vehicle.


Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel Level Sensors (FLS) are probes that are immersed in the fuel to read the fuel level accurately. Capacitive fuel level sensors lie at the heart of effective fuel monitoring,
empowering fleet operators to monitor fuel consumption, mileage in km per litre and precise fuel levels at any time. Capacitive sensors are highly accurate and reliable, with a long work-life and require zero technical maintenance.


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